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[Portugal·Sintra] Cape Roca-Europe’s horizon

The bus drove on the winding road in the Sintra Mountains. We skipped Lisbon directly and headed to Cape Roca.

Cape Roca is a promontory in Portugal adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a narrow cliff about 140 meters above sea level, and is the western end of the Sintra Mountains. About 40 kilometers from Lisbon, it is at the westernmost point of Portugal and the westernmost point of the entire Eurasian continent.

Although I have been to Sanya’s “Tianya Haijiao”, that’s actually not counted, just the “Daily Sea” that the ancients imagined. The real cape has been to a world-famous “Cape of Good Hope”. The Cape Roca can only be regarded as the corner of the world. Since Cape Roca has been rated by netizens as one of the “50 Most Worthy Places in the World”, let’s take a look. The car parked in the parking lot in front of the lighthouse, and we got off and ran to the end of the mainland.​​

It is famous because it was undoubtedly the most glorious period in Portugal during the maritime era more than 500 years ago. At that time, Portugal was strong in national strength and ruled the world, that is, the great era recorded by Cape Roca.

The most famous sights of Cape Roca are these two monuments and a tower, the first thing to see is of course the monument with a cross on top

The side of the monument facing the sea

The lower part of the stele is engraved: the westernmost point of continental Europe. 38°47′ north latitude, 9°30′ west longitude, 140 altitude. The Sintra City Council was established in 1979.

In the upper part, there is a famous poem by the Portuguese poet Camus, “The land ends here, the sea begins here”.

​Under the blowing of the Atlantic sea breeze, I felt how the westernmost point of Europe reflects the end of the continent

A bay with a deep abyss at its feet is dizzying.​​​

Another monument was erected by Rotary Club of Sintra to commemorate Paul Harris, the American founder of Rotary Club International. Rotary International is the oldest service association in the world. There are now 3200 social institutions in 168 countries and regions. On February 23, 1905, American Paul Harris founded the world’s first Rotary Club in Chicago. The Rotary Club of Sintra placed the monument on Cape Roca on the 75th anniversary of 1980, facing the United States across the sea.​​

​The plants in the “pole” area

​There is also “Red Stone”

Stone compass​​

​The north is a long cliff, blocking the raging waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

The lighthouse on the cape is the most photogenic building here, you can see different beauty from different angles​​

Listen to the sound of the Atlantic Ocean

Very few buildings, walk into the restaurant to see the paintings on the wall

A village not far away

Standing on Roca Point, facing the sea breeze blowing from the Atlantic Ocean, you will definitely be able to experience the true feeling of “the end of the continent”.​​

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