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Today is the second day of the Ali Line, from Shigatse to Mount Everest

Today is the second day of Ali South Line, from Shigatse to Mount Everest. As we walked out of the city, the sky became clearer, and we moved along the plateau valley. The mountains on both sides were not high, there was almost no vegetation, and occasionally the snowy mountains exposed the tip of the mountain. The valley is very wide, with green barley fields on both sides. Clouds rippling in the mountains project a long shadow.

Passing the 5000 km monument of 318 National Road, basically every car will stop to take a rest and commemorate it. If you really drive from Shanghai all the way, it must be a very fulfilling thing. A temple stands on the cliff next to the monument. Built on the mountain, it is quite magnificent. The hill in the distance seems to have old ruins, but the name here has not been found.

After crossing the Zola Pass, you are heading to the fork of Sakya. Without a moment of melancholy, the Sakya Temple, which is famous as the main temple of the Sakya school and a group of exquisite murals, although it was planted very early, unfortunately it was not In this itinerary, maybe some fate really missed, it is difficult to find back.

It’s almost noon when you arrive in Lazi, and you can see the sculptures of the hometown of harmony in the distance. Although it is a bit silly to sing and dance in the three Tibetan areas of Xianzi, Nangma, and Duihe, but it is really obsessed with the music of the Tibetan area since I was a child.. Master Mi Luo has kept Tibetan all the way. Song, but the only thing I can hum along with a short section of Tibetan language is “Tsering Rasso”. Occasionally, there are a few familiar melodies, and then I heard that they are all Tibetan versions of various Chinese golden songs.

After entering the county town of Lazi, everyone made a purchase and cooked a small hot pot at the Everest base camp. It seemed to be a reserved item on the Ali South Line.

After passing Lazi, we must check the border defense card, and the altitude is getting higher and higher. On the way over the Gyatola Pass, there were more and more people who met each other. One of them seemed to be a foreigner, but also had excellent supplies. There were logistics vehicles to follow throughout the journey. Mount Gautula should be able to see Mount Everest, but in addition to the Everest National Nature Reserve logo, failed to find the direction of the mountain.

Continue to drive in the direction of Tingri, the snow mountain finally exposed, but the clouds are a bit thick, covering the mountain peak. It’s just that the friends who were happy with the car just now obviously have altitude sickness, so they can only sit still and dare not take big moves. What I did not expect is that the altitude sickness lasted for a full 10 days. If it was not obsession with Gang Rinpoche , They may be really hard to stick with.

It took a lot of time to enter the Everest National Park and go through the formalities. Afterwards, we followed the Panshan Highway and headed to the Kaura Pass at 5210 meters above sea level. The road was not easy, and almost all of them turned back and forth continuously.

The Kawula Pass is known as the most spectacular snow mountain viewing platform in the world, where you can overlook the five 8000-meter snow peaks, including Makalu, Lhotse, Everest, Cho Oyu and Greek. Xiabangmafeng, but only Everest and Zhuo Youyou in the pass are easy to recognize. Unfortunately, Mount Everest is now hidden in the clouds, and only Zhuo Youyou is completely exposed.

After returning, I checked with GE and found that Makalu and Xixiabang Mafeng were both half-expressed, so I made the following pictures for everyone to watch. Teachers are welcome to correct me.

On GE, however, most of the snow mountains on the Chinese side are not labeled, and the Nepal side is very complete. It is also a pity. Unfortunately, there are so many snow mountains, everyone can’t know the name, and it is enveloped in the prestigious name of Mount Everest. under.

Fortunately, after crossing the pass, as the altitude decreases and the angle changes, Everest slowly reveals itself, presenting the familiar pyramid-shaped north slope.

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