The bus drove on the winding road in the Sintra Mountains. We skipped Lisbon directly and headed to Cape Roca. Cape Roca is a promontory in Portugal adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a narrow cliff about 140 meters above sea level, and is the western end of the Sintra Mountains. About 40 kilometers […]

Today is the second day of Ali South Line, from Shigatse to Mount Everest. As we walked out of the city, the sky became clearer, and we moved along the plateau valley. The mountains on both sides were not high, there was almost no vegetation, and occasionally the snowy mountains exposed the tip of the […]

Today is Children’s Day, writing about the children I saw in the mountains of Peru. In the depths of the Andes mountains live many Inca descendants who maintain ancient traditions. These ancestors lived in the highlands, spoke Quechua, lived in simple thatched stone houses, and lived on grazing. HUACAWASI, a small village at 3800 meters […]